Employer Feedback

ACS College, Ashoknagar is two decades old of its kind in the State of Maharashtra provides more than just an education, it creates entrepreneurs and professionals, bankers and politicians as well. Since its inception in 2001, the college has tried its level best to pursue excellence in everything it touches, whatever it could be whether academic infrastructural or environmental. Since years this single faculty commerce college has attracted top students acknowledging the trust of the parents in spite numerous stumbling blocks and impediment. Here you will find questionnaire for giving feedback about the ACS College, Ashoknagar. You are requested to click in the appropriate box against each item.

1)Planning and organizational skill *

2) Communication skills and soft skills *

3)Obedient and punctual *

4)Leadership and Team spirit *

5)Relationship with Peers / Subordinates *

6)Willingness to learn new techniques *

7)Ability to use workplace equipments *

8)Capacity to solve problems at work place *

9)Positive attitude *

10)Innovativeness, Creativity *

11)Corporate manners and etiquettes *

12) Simplicity and sense of belongingness *

13)Respect for values in life *

14)Team Management *